Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring a Liberty Hill Farm calf or cow means:

  • directly supporting our farm so that we can continue to raise happy and healthy animals                                                       
  • providing us with the ability to share our farm with visitors and guests
  • participating in the protection of small farms and local agriculture

From the minute the calf makes its entrance into our world, they are cared for and loved by all of us.

We keep our baby girls (heifers) to become future milkers and mothers in our herd. We keep our baby boys (bulls) until they are a year old and can move to another dairy farm as breeders.

Raising dairy calves is incredibly rewarding, but also labor intensive and expensive. All of our calves receive vaccines, high quality feed, vet care if needed, vitamin supplements when needed, shelter from the weather with a hutch (little hut) and clean bedding, and abundant love and attention!

Raising cows requires a lot of science! We have nutritionists who come and take samples of feed to ensure that the cows are consuming all of the nutrients they need. We have a hoof trimmer who comes in to take care of their feet. We have a veterinarian who comes by regularly for healthy pregnancy checks. Our girls have the highest quality bedding we can find (Farmer Bob himself drives 2 hours round trip every week to purchase sawdust).

Click here to see some of our cows and calves available to sponsor!*

*Sponsorships are one-time donations. We welcome long-term sponsorships, but do not currently offer automatic monthly payment options.