Save the Barn, Support the Cow!

The Project

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Built in the 1800’s, our iconic red barn has captured the attention of travelers, photographers, and locals. Nestled in the valley between the ancient rolling green mountains, rising up 5 stories, it remains the only barn in our valley to be home to dairy cows. The barn’s historic ties to the Emerson family, one of the very first immigrant families to settle in Rochester, is manifested by the cow weathervane proudly perched atop the cupola. Charles Wesley Emerson, the founder of Emerson College in Boston, was said to have personally transported the metal cow up to Vermont on the train.

The Project

Unfortunately, the decades of Vermont weather and winged visitors have taken their toll on both the outside of the cupola and parts of the barns’ structural supports. The exterior damage is severe and obvious, while the interior deterioration is only evident to those with a birds-eye view of the rafters. The cupola will need to be removed entirely from the barn and restored, while the interior supports and several weak points in the barn will be fixed concurrently.

Why we need your help

The dairy economy has been in crisis for several years. Many family farms in Vermont and across the country have been unable to survive the length and severity of the low milk prices. While we are determined to continue farming, we are struggling with the cost of feeding and caring for our cows, leaving any repair projects on the indefinite backburner.

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